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Carbon Air 9

Posted in New Bike Products on September 7, 2010 by basicbikes

Finally something good after the big quake and months of rain.

Just arrived is the Carbon air 9 single speed or geared  avalible in black and white

or orange and black.   $3600 for frame and fork,  limited stock

Storck Bikes Special

Posted in New Bike Products on June 8, 2010 by basicbikes

Storck bikes from Germany have a reputation as some of the best carbon product on the market.  We are proud to be a retailer of such a great brand, and for this month only are able to offer an incredible deal on some ex stock models.  

Complete Storck

Storck bikes have at least 25% off,  both road and MTB, this is a one off, strictly while stock lasts!  Like the ones in the photo, these have been used for a couple of demo’s, as new!

Rebel Hard Tail, Med, Full XTR, F100RLC, I Nine Wheels: Was $9700 Now $6900

Adrenaline FS, Med, XT, F120RLC, I Nine Wheels: Was $10450 Now $7400

CD 1.0 Road, 43cm, Ultegra SL, Fulcrum Racing 7’s: Was $7700 Now $5450

The rest of the stock, frame only, on the PDF below

Storck Frame Specials list

Pricing includes shipping to Any NZ Location.

09/10 Crossmax SX to 15mm?

Posted in New Bike Products, Tech / Workshop with tags , on November 30, 2009 by basicbikes

Possibly one of the best  factory built Trail bike, All MTN, light Freeride wheel sets on the market at he moment is the 09/10 Mavic Crossmax SX.  They’re light, strong, stiff, wide rim, and durable.  While there are some other contenders like Crank Bros Iodine (yes they’re pretty impressive!), I 9 Enduro, and soon to be the Fulcrum Red Zone SLR, the Mavics are great value and performance for long travel bikes.  Once you realise the extra stiffness of an aluminium spoked wheel it’s hard to go back.  Better lines through rough stuff, better cornering, more responsive ride.  Also now that Mavic have a proper 4 pawl freewheel and real bearings inside the durability is there too!  Only problem is they are 20mm front only.  Since we had a couple of customers who liked the idea but had 15mm axle forks, we made a neat little solution.  A new axle for the front wheel for the 15mm forks.

So now you can have a genuinely light wheel set,1755 g (on our scales) for Q/R, 15, or 20mm.  These wheels are lighter than DT 340 hubs, comp spokes and 4.2 rims, an already light wheels set, and they are already tubeless!

Sram XX

Posted in New Bike Products, Tech / Workshop with tags , , on October 12, 2009 by basicbikes

Having originally being a  Sram (twist grip) fan, then X.O. triggers, I couldn’t resist the latest in developments, XX, after the last few years on Shimano.  Problem was:

“A” Shimano XTR 970 is very good, all the best features if X.O. but a bit slicker!

 “B” the new Sram XX didn’t have an option (and there are loads) to fit the bike I wanted to put it on!

So time to toughen up for me and go for a single ring, 32t, on the front and a XX 11-36 on the back.  While it’s not the ideal option to test a new system it does alow even the slowest “average” rider (me) to get up the hill and still have a low enough gear that wont kill the knees.    So the drive is the new E13 LG+ guide, and 32t ring on XTR Cranks.  Overall the bike is about 300 grams lighter than XTR, Saint Short cage, XT cassette, the guide is very quiet to.  I can get up all the climbs as usual as a 32-36 is still low enough.  Shifting is smoother than X.O. and under load the chain moves instantly onto the lower gears when you need it most!  Only downside is the price, not cheap, but it is light and the main purpose of trying it is to see how the durability will go. 

Blur LT Carbon

Posted in New Bike Products, Tech / Workshop on July 23, 2009 by basicbikes

Last week in the box from Santa Cruz was the bike we had been waiting for, the LT Carbon, and a Driver 8.  So now a week later and a lot of rides, as for once the Port Hills are open for business, what we think!  The only difference from the alloy LT model is the material, weight and stiffness………..yeah right!

Immediately rolling along the road you notice the smoothness of the carbon frame.  There is no “buzz” from the tyres through the frame.  On the climb the extra stiffness is perceivable, and the weight helps too!  on the singletrack the bike just wants to go, descending is sure footed and dampening property of the carbon makes you feel like the trail is smooth, it is a very quiet bike to ride.   The new 2010 RP23 is also a big improvement on the previous version and feels a lot more active, we felt the old one was a bit sluggish.  All up bike weighs 29lbs with a coil fork @140mm, XT based build.  Overall a great bike, but what would you expect, now I’m waiting for a carbon Nomad, pleeeease……

LT Carbon

LT Carbon

Also now we have had some good rides on the Iodine wheels.  While a little heavier than the SX Crossmax, they feel stiff to ride and climb on.  Build quality looks good and so far no issues, and if orange isn’t your thing they will soon be available in grey/silver/

Iodine Hubs

Iodine Hubs

Bike is available for demo, if you want to see how fast, light and stiff an 5″ travel trail bike can be!

Pivot Firebird & Mach 5

Posted in New Bike Products on June 30, 2009 by basicbikes

Things don’t always go as planed, this post was to be about Dave’s constant quest for caramel slice and pies, but due to the arrival of something more interesting we’ll cover the caramel confectioneries at a later date, sorry.

Pivot cycles have been in the store for a while now and a few people who have read the press reviews have their own now and are pretty impressed, so are we.  Up until now only anodised frames have been brought in but we had a request from a good customer, and manufacturer of one of our favourite culinary sensations,  for a painted finish.  We were a bit surprised as most people see Ano as the way to go, paints fine but usually not quite as flash.  After a delay in freight, and some patience the frame arrived, WOW, we’ve seen a lot of bikes over the years and other bikes from the same stable, but this painted finish is easily the best we’ve seen on a stock finish bike ever.  Coming form a died in the wool Santa Cruz fan its hard to admit, but this frame is awesome.  The bike is built with Float 36’s, Crossmax SX Wheels, XTR saint drive, XT saint brakes.  Having gone from a 29er Stumpjumper the customer was impressed to say the least!

Now as  if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day in the shop the second box in the door was almost too much!  Frame # 2 was an ano black Firebird ooooh…..   We’ve seen the pictures, watched the videos, now the real thing.  The finish, build quality and inovation like all bikes that come from Chris Cocalis is stunning.  We will be getting our frame for demo soon (this ones sold) as usual we’ll give it a test for a while to see how it holds up. not that we’re worried about that the Mach 5 and 429 have been great so far!

Caramel slices soon!

Crossmax SX Wheels

Posted in New Bike Products, Tech / Workshop on June 19, 2009 by basicbikes

Back in the beginning of January we were lucky enough to get one of the first sets of the new Mavic Crossmax Wheel sets to try.  As regular customers will know we have not been the biggest fan of “Factory” wheels from Mavic.  This is due to the design of the free hub mechanism, lack of bearing on the inside of the freewheel body and the weight, often way out from claimed weight.  The stiffness of the alloy spoke was always good just let down by the rest of the package, in our opinion.  These wheels for 2009 have a completely new free-hub and bearing system that now has 4 pawls on the freewheel body and a full compliment of bearings.  The weight has been improved and the claimed weight of 1755 grams (we weighed them At 1760!).  Like most Mavic wheels they are UST so we run them with standard Maxxis tyres and some Stans sealant.  This pair was also centre lock for the disc which is ideal for us as we prefer the current brake offerings from Shimano.  We have had some issues with the new Saint brakes squealing on 6 bolt rotors so were keen to try Centre lock rotors.

So after 5 months of use on all types of terrain the wheels have been awesome, and humble pie is being eaten.  Our comparison to these wheels were I Nine Enduro wheels which we have been building and riding for a few years now.  In our opinion they were a Mavic done right!  Low rotational mass, very fast engagement, alloy spokes using standard rims.  While the Mavic’s may not engage as fast the weight is slightly better (60 grams per pair) and they feel a little quicker.  Under high load cornering the I Nines would make a few spoke pinging noises but the Mavic’s run silent.  The only issue we’ve had was a pinging from the rear drive spokes under load as the touched at the crossings.  This was easily fixed though.  Trueness and balance was good out of the box (approx+/- 0.1mm) and has remained good with no need to true.  While we can build truer wheels that run trouble free the complete package has proved to be very good.  We now offer them on build options and they are finally in stock   and ready to go………..until we find something else that’s as good……….more on that in another post!

Iodine rimIodine Hub Detail

2010 Fox DHX RC4

Posted in New Bike Products on June 15, 2009 by basicbikes

While it may be almost mid winter in NZ it does’nt mean there is nothing going on!  We recently recieved one of the first new RC4 shock from Fox.  The shock was developed for the DH racers over the last year and originaly released as the World Cup RC4.  Like all things in the bike world though it would’nt be long until the productionversion was realeased.  The main difference over the previous model DHX5 is that there is now no Pro Pedal and independant high and low speed compression dampening.  The shock its self is a new design from the ground up.  There is a bigger boost chamber, the main shaft is a bigger diameter, its slightly heavier (30 grams).  The changes allow the oil insude to flow better and the pressure to be lower, all this leads to a more supple shock.



The big question though is, does it feel any better?  Well simply yes!  Even with the few short rides in between boughts of rain, sleat and snow, and the fact the shock is still not “run in” there is a noticible difference.  As there is no Pro Pedal the small bump sensitivity is increased, it almost feels like the rear tyre is too soft.  At high speed the shock gives the bike a more planted on the ground feel.  With the bigger boost assembly and shaft the stroke also feels more linear through the travel.  Hopefully when the weather starts to improve more we can get out and really see what the advantages of the separate tuning options can make.  Most sizes of the shock are in stock so if you feel the need………..

A Dry Bum is a Happy Bum!

Posted in New Bike Products on May 21, 2009 by basicbikes

Since winter has hit suddenly it’s cold and wet.  We all want to go and ride but can’t be bothered with wet back sides and mouthfuls of grime and grit.   One of our customers asked about mudguards for his road bike that would work without any mounts on the bike, able to clear brakes and be easy to remove and put on.  Sounded like a tall order!  We checked out the model he was after, found our local supplier had them and got a couple of sets to try out.

In a word AWSOME! SKS from Germany make these clever little guards that work up to 32mm Tyres.  They are light easy to fit, even on a cross bike!  It takes only seconds to fit them and they stay put even off road.  After two weeks of bad weather my backside is still dry as…….well as backsides can be!

Race Blade XL Rear

Race Blade XL RearRace Blade Front

Front View

Front View

So if this sounds like what you want, need, desrve!  let us know or you can
check out the online store.

Re-learning How to Ride!

Posted in New Bike Products on May 15, 2009 by basicbikes


First time out off road for the Stigmata was a bit of a learning curve.  10 years since my last time on a Cross Bike.  

With the hills being wet it was off to Bottle lake for the first time in years.  Getting on to the tracks was a bit slow to get used to the lack of suspension and the drop bars.  After about 20 minutes though, it all started coming back to me.  The big wheels and skiny tyre had lots of speed but no suspension made the landings off of jumps a bit harsh!  All up it was a blast.

Stigmata New

Stigmata New


Then some shots after the ride in the Bottle lake Sand Pit!  Good job the frame is sand colour too!


Stigmata Sandy

Stigmata Sandy


Sand Sand Sand

Sand Sand Sand










Probably best to get it cleaned up, but it does look better with some dirt on it!

Next time weather permiting a lap of the hills.


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