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DJ Above the Pack Horse
DJ Above the Pack Horse

Summer in the bike trade is a busy time, escpecially for a workshop based store, but we still got out and about!  As the winter starts to bite we thought it would be a perfect time to reflect on the long hot days in the saddle

Dave and Andy have had the best of the riding,  trips to Whites Bay, Nydia, Wakamarina, Peaking Ridge, Croesus, Cass Saddle…….blah blah.  Although Hamish and Ewen have hade their moments to, Coppermine, Whitherhills, Wharfedale, Double Fencline, Mt Herbert to Pack Horse, not to mention the constant laps of the port hills.

Dave started the race effort with the Brake Burner at Coronet Peak with a respectable 14 laps and a T.V. apperance.   He might have done more if he had’nt done the same thing the day before for practice!   No broken bikes and plenty of caramel pies a good result for DJ.  Andy and Jules were up next with a go at the Cyclic saga in the Ashley forest, good map reading and fitness gave a good finish.  Lastly as usual, Ewen and Hamish went back to the Coppermine Epic to settle the score after Ewen’s surprise win over Hamish in 08.  The score is now even after another gruelling race/grovel, with Hamish stomping home 15 mins ahead, Ewen crosing the line slower than the year before, only excuse, lack of fitness, self imposed,  must do better.

Andy rides off on Blowhard

Jules Blowhard

Ewen at the top off MT HerbertDouble Fencline