A Dry Bum is a Happy Bum!

Since winter has hit suddenly it’s cold and wet.  We all want to go and ride but can’t be bothered with wet back sides and mouthfuls of grime and grit.   One of our customers asked about mudguards for his road bike that would work without any mounts on the bike, able to clear brakes and be easy to remove and put on.  Sounded like a tall order!  We checked out the model he was after, found our local supplier had them and got a couple of sets to try out.

In a word AWSOME! SKS from Germany make these clever little guards that work up to 32mm Tyres.  They are light easy to fit, even on a cross bike!  It takes only seconds to fit them and they stay put even off road.  After two weeks of bad weather my backside is still dry as…….well as backsides can be!

Race Blade XL Rear
Race Blade XL RearRace Blade Front
Front View
Front View
So if this sounds like what you want, need, desrve!  let us know or you can
check out the online store.