Holy Knolly!

To add to what we think may be the best selection of quality MTB frames and bikes in Christchurch and possibly NZ we have one more string to the bow.  Although these would be more aptly called a hammer!  The increased mass in these frames has added to the gravitational effect of BASIC, small people have been stuck to the glass on the windows for no apparent reason other than gravity.   First out the box is the Delirium T this thing is nails, the bike you buy when you keep breaking other bikes, if you break this you’ll probably have other more pressing issues to deal with down at the hospital!  Even if the gap is too big you could make this into a bridge and drive across.  So they aren’t light (5.6kgs or 12 1/2 lbs on our scales with a vivid) build quality is incredible, all welds are neat and tidy, bearings are “man sized” no piddly wee 688’s on this frame, powder coat or ano finish either is exceptional.

Also available will be the Edorphin which is the light weight option and builds into a nice trail bike for normal mortals, we should have a demo one available soon.  Prices are $4,800.00 -$5,000.00 for Delerium T and a little less for the Endorphin.  Not cheap, but not your average bike either, with Knolly you get what you pay for and a bit more!