Carbon Air 9

Posted in New Bike Products on September 7, 2010 by basicbikes

Finally something good after the big quake and months of rain.

Just arrived is the Carbon air 9 single speed or geared  avalible in black and white

or orange and black.   $3600 for frame and fork,  limited stock

Last Winter Clear out!

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Until the end of the month all adult bikes are at least 30% off, we’ve run out of room and some have to go!  Specials on selected Giro gloves 35% on summer models all while stock lasts.

Storck Bikes Special

Posted in New Bike Products on June 8, 2010 by basicbikes

Storck bikes from Germany have a reputation as some of the best carbon product on the market.  We are proud to be a retailer of such a great brand, and for this month only are able to offer an incredible deal on some ex stock models.  

Complete Storck

Storck bikes have at least 25% off,  both road and MTB, this is a one off, strictly while stock lasts!  Like the ones in the photo, these have been used for a couple of demo’s, as new!

Rebel Hard Tail, Med, Full XTR, F100RLC, I Nine Wheels: Was $9700 Now $6900

Adrenaline FS, Med, XT, F120RLC, I Nine Wheels: Was $10450 Now $7400

CD 1.0 Road, 43cm, Ultegra SL, Fulcrum Racing 7’s: Was $7700 Now $5450

The rest of the stock, frame only, on the PDF below

Storck Frame Specials list

Pricing includes shipping to Any NZ Location.

The unknown track builder

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Probably all the riders in the Christchurch mountain bike community appreciate the efforts of the Port Hills Rangers, Track Volunteers and occasional contractors.  There has however for a long time been another keen builder, unknown to most.

For the last 7 years or so, three days a week, Ian Morris has been pedaling up the hill to the Ranger station to volunteer a days work.  Plenty of Christchurch  locals will have seen Ian plodding up Dyers Pass Road, work boots on, helmet with a cap underneath, most not realizing he’s off to work!  Ian is also a regular visitor to the local bike shops, being a true bike fanatic.  He has a quiet demeanor, always polite and softly spoken.

Recently though he had is bike stolen, so a plan was hatched by  Marcus “The Smoke & Spice Man” Peters to get together and get Ian a new bike.  So with the Port Hills Rangers, Marcus and ourselves, Ian got his first ever brand new bike.

We think he was pretty stoked!

So if you see him give him a nod, or a wave , he does a lot of good work!

Joplin 4 has Arrived!

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Just in the door this morning the new Joplin 4 Post.  Looks better made than the old model and has 2 guide key ways (we checked!) feels a lot less sloppy.  Price $460.00 gold and black. 30.9 and 31.6Joplin 4

Bike Polo

Posted in Events & Days Out, Odd Bikes! with tags , , , , on December 14, 2009 by basicbikes

Christchurch Hard Court Polo, had organised a wee competition for the 13th December. Not something we’d really had a go at so we went to check it out. In short great fun, well worth checking out, video below of the BASIC team getting thrashed, next game we did better, but we did have a ringer!

09/10 Crossmax SX to 15mm?

Posted in New Bike Products, Tech / Workshop with tags , on November 30, 2009 by basicbikes

Possibly one of the best  factory built Trail bike, All MTN, light Freeride wheel sets on the market at he moment is the 09/10 Mavic Crossmax SX.  They’re light, strong, stiff, wide rim, and durable.  While there are some other contenders like Crank Bros Iodine (yes they’re pretty impressive!), I 9 Enduro, and soon to be the Fulcrum Red Zone SLR, the Mavics are great value and performance for long travel bikes.  Once you realise the extra stiffness of an aluminium spoked wheel it’s hard to go back.  Better lines through rough stuff, better cornering, more responsive ride.  Also now that Mavic have a proper 4 pawl freewheel and real bearings inside the durability is there too!  Only problem is they are 20mm front only.  Since we had a couple of customers who liked the idea but had 15mm axle forks, we made a neat little solution.  A new axle for the front wheel for the 15mm forks.

So now you can have a genuinely light wheel set,1755 g (on our scales) for Q/R, 15, or 20mm.  These wheels are lighter than DT 340 hubs, comp spokes and 4.2 rims, an already light wheels set, and they are already tubeless!


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